Pop Music Analysis

My sister is a musician and she claims that happy music sells much better than sad music. I wasn’t too sure about that. In this analysis, I examined data from the Billboard Hot-100 Songs from 1964 - 2015 and tried to answer the question: Are sad songs or happy songs more popular?

Avocado App

I feel like avocados have gained immense popularity in the last decade or so, but I haven’t really been able to prove it. So, when I came across a dataset of avocado sales in last few years, I had to take a look.

Effect Size Simulation

After doing some research, I wasn’t too happy with the interactive simulations I found to help teach people about effect size. So, I built my own.

CDC Tweets about COVID-19

As part of the International Society for Quantitative Ethnography COVID-19 Data Challenge, I creating a working example analyzing how the CDC communicated information about coronavirus through Twitter.


Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens